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ProCircle Pro Weighted Jump Rope Package

Jump rope package
Extra weights only

Join the Jump Rope craze, and get ready to get in the best shape of your life!

Jump roping is one of the best exercises for burning fat, toning muscle and buiding stamina - all at once!

One hour of jump roping burns more fat and calories than running, cycling or swimming, and doesn't require many accessories, or a specific setting like these other three. So it's no wonder so many people are turning to Jump Roping as their preferred workout.

The Procircle Weighted Jump Rope is the next generation of jump ropes - a supercharged jump ropes which upgrades your workouts and lets get better, faster results, both for cardio and muscle training!

Step up your cardio with heavier ropes and get an effective full body workout. 

2 ROPES, DIFFERENT WEIGHTS - Includes 2 easily interchangeable ropes of different weights a thin speed cable and a thick, weighted training cable - allowing you to choose the style of workout every time, whether you're up for a cardio speed jumping workout, or a cardio-strength integrated workout.

QUICK AND EASY TO CHANGE - The patented "fast clip system" lets you quickly change between light and heavy ropes for a more versatile workout. Change between light and heavy rope within the time constrains of an interval workout to hit multiple energy pathways and muscle groups.

ADD MORE WEIGHT TO THE HANDLES- The hollow twist-open handles are special compartments in which you can add weight for a more intense full body workout.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT AND PERFORMANCE - The comfortable non-slip sweat-wicking handles, ergonomic shape of the handle, and premium grade bearings allow for superior grip, smooth movement, and optimal rope tension at all times, so you can get the best possible results from your workout.

DURABLE – Made of top grade premium materials. Braided and coated cables eliminates tangling and gives you the freedom to jump anywhere.

PORTABLE - You can throw it in your bag whenever you leave the house and grab a workout anytime and anywhere.

ALSO IDEAL FOR BEGINNERS -This weighted jump rope is not just for experts. Beginners will love the thicker cable which gives great feedback while jumping thus improving coordination. It allows uninterrupted jumping because of the handles and the weight of the rope.


Package includes:

1x Jump rope with rope
1x Weighted rope
1x Set replacement parts
1x Carry bag
1x Manual


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    Customer Reviews

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    High quality product. It's a very fast jump rope, I need to adapt my pace. I've just ordered weights for that, I think that they are necessary since the two handles are very light. The delivery has been very very fast, faster than expected.


    Product as advertised. Very good!




    Looks Super out. Am looking forward to the quality. First impression is very good!


    Excellent product and service.