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ProSleeve™ Total Compression Knee Sleeve

Relieve Knee and Joint Pain Instantly!

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Do you feel like knee and joint pain is keeping you away from the activities you love?
Whether knee and joint pain is limilting your fitness abilities, or just turning daily activities into a painful nightmare, the ProSleeve™ Total Compression Knee Sleeve is the perfect solution for you.
Perfect for running, cycling, hiking, weightlifting, and more!

Why Do I Need ProSleeve™?

The pressure on your knees, just from daily activities, not to mention any sports or fitness activities you do, is immense, and can reach up to 4 times your body weight!  

The ProSleeve™ Total Compression Knee Sleeve is made of top-grade 3D compression microfibers, and is specially designed to significantly decrease the pressure from your knees by creating optimal support for the knees and stabilization for your entire leg and knees, while increasing blood circulation to your leg, without limiting your movement.

Who Is It Good For?

The full support, compression and flexibility created by ProSleeve's unique design relieve all types of knee pains, including Runner's Knees and Arthritis pains, and is ideal for knee injury recovery. 

It is the ideal solution for runners, hikers, athletes, cyclists, weightlifters, tennis players, basketball players, volleyball players, people with arthritis or other knee and joint pains, anybody who works at a job that requires heavy lifting, and more.

No matter what you do, with the ProSleeve™ Total Compression Knee Sleeve you can say goodbye to knee pains, and start living life to the fullest!


What Can ProSleeve™ Do For Me?

Relieve joint pressure and ligament stress - the full compression promotes blood circulation, which is proven to aid in muscle recovery and injury prevention, and treat muscle and joint stiffness and pain from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, tibiofemoral and patellofemoral knee joints. 

Increase elasticity and ease movement of joints - the compression fibers improve and support the joints elasticity, making the knee movement easier, smoother, and requiring less effort, creating a boost-effect when squating or lifting.

Fast muscle recovery - the compression causes more blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, resulting in much faster muscle recovery after physical activity.

Ease stress and pressure on the legs and knees during the day - even after long days involving hours of standing or physical work, your legs and knees will feel fresher and lighter thanks to the support and increased blood flow caused by the compression.

Physical activity made easy - get the extra support needed for hiking, running, cycling, weightlifting, and more, so you can play longer and better, and feel fresher afterwards.

The ProSleeve™ Extra Edge

ProSleeve's features are what make it such a loved best seller:

Durable, high quality fabric - made of premium nylon, spandex, and latex silk, to provide best support, flexibility and durability.

Designed for performance- a mix of fabrics, angles and pressure points for the best fit and performance. 

Comfortable to wear and use - the sleeve's breathable and elastic fabric does not limit movement and is specially designed for maximum comfort.

Seamless design- no seams mean extra comfort for you!

Anti-slip - silicone anti-slip rims provide the best fit all day long.



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The quality is just super and the size came up perfectly!!! Thank you very much!!!


The product is of good quality, corresponds to the description. Had good communication with customer support regarding some questions I had. I recommend


fast shipping , well track , well made , feels good , great quality and great price. what else can you ask for?
Thank you.