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Myopia Prescription Swimming Goggles

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Get the best vision in the water even if you wear glasses!

Prescription Swimming Goggles offer a goggle lenses that act the same as your glasses lenses and enable you to have great vision underwater.The enhanced visibility designed to give you an extra comfort of clear vision. 

The goggles' mirrored  lenses helps reduce brightness and glare,they are curved and wide to create a large field of vision, and have an anti-fog treatment to ensure you have the clearest and sharpest vision throughout your entire swim. 

 The Prescription Swimming Goggles' unique features make them the ideal swimming goggles:

  •  Optical lenses: Swimming goggles are available in a wide range of optical lenses that are match to your prescription.
  • Comfortable: High grade silicone gasket provide ultra-comfort to the wearer, while creating a leak-proof seal.
  • Stability: Adjustable and dual back straps reduce pressure on head and distributes pressure evenly for maximum comfort and stability.
  • Adjustable: Snug fit on different facial forms with the help of an adjustable band.
  • Flexible: Upgraded silicone nose bridge. More flexible than usual swim masks. Offers better fits on difference face shapes.
  • Visibility: Provides a wide viewing angle to maintain clarity.
  • Protection and durability: Impact-proof, anti-fog, UV protection, mirror glass to protect the eyes.
  • Ease of wearing: Well-designed clasp makes it easy to put goggles on and  take off.
  • Quality materials: Double cover gasket & sealing ring prevent leakage.


TIPS for preventing fogging:

All of our goggles' lenses are treated with an anti-fog coating. Follow these steps to preserve this coating:

  • Always remember to rinse the inside lenses so the coating can work. Put goggles in pool water for a while before swimming.
  • Never wipe the lenses.
  • After swimming, wash the lenses with fresh water and then leave it to dry.

     Care Advice:

    By following our tips you will prolonging the life of your goggles:

    • Avoid wiping or rubbing the inside of the lens.
    • Keep lens clean; gently rinse goggles with fresh water after use.
    • Do not put wet goggles in closed containers. Allow them to dry naturally.
    • Do not leave in direct sunlight to avoid colour fading.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Gino Nader

    Good quality, I see perfect with them

    Keyshawn Sipes

    Excellent. Five stars.

    Salma Botsford

    Fast delivery, up to Moscow three weeks, excellent glasses, ordered the second with diopries-1. 5, the visibility is excellent, they sit well, they are adjustable, in the pool the glass does not fog, the water does not fall, we have such a model is worth order more more

    Orpha Ferry

    Fast delivery to Moscow. I bought in stock to the available. Previous use 3 months. I liked that they do not let the water do not press the elastic band and do not fog.

    Micah White

    Glasses are super, perfect fit. Fast shipping:).