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HiveRing Training System

Strengthen and shape up your body with the most versatile, modular, and fun training tool! 


Get the perfect home gym equipment to effectively improve your leg strength, balance, and speed! With the unique shape structure of HiveRing Training System, you can get many ways to enhance your workout or activity.

Increase your motor skill and speed, maintain balance and coordination, reduce the risk of injury, and develop core strength overall good health. Ideal for athletic training, football, basketball drills, hockey, CrossFit, tennis, and rugby. 

HiveRing Training System offers you a variety of limitless workouts routines that will make it difficult for the body to adjust to the exercise regimen. Your body will become less efficient and will burn more calories. The focus is on speed! It can be connected as a speed ladder or set out as agility rings to work on changing directions and speed reactions. 


The HiveRing Training System unique features make her ideal for a high intense workout:

♦ PLYOMETRIC TRAINING- Tuck jumps, squat jumps, burpees, moving push-ups, etc. Plyometric training is also known as jump training provides a high-intensity workout that strengthens your muscles. Plyometrics can improve strength and tone both your upper and lower body. With these explosive compound movements, the HiveRing Training System will help you reach your optimal fitness level.

♦ EASY TO SET UP- Rings clip together and can easily be stretched out as a ladder or cleared away quickly and conveniently. Simply choose your favorite configuration to set up on indoor or outdoor surfaces. Great for kids, coaches, athletes, or anyone else who loves sports training!

QUALITY MATERIALS- No more dealing with agility footwork rings that easily break with a simple step. We’ve used High-density plastic to create hexagon training rings tough enough to handle countless sessions and withstand the inevitable stomps and kicks. Rings are fluorescent orange and can be seen easily on a green field or pitch. 

ADJUSTABLE- Includes 4/6/8 individual rings with clips so that you can set up, adjust and pull apart easily in a variety of shapes for your preferences to improve movements. 



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Javonte R.

    I received the rings on time. The rings appear to be very easy to set up and offer a variety of uses for our training needs.

    Gillian O.

    I am a Dad rather than a coach, but they came as expected, and work great. I was a bit surprised at how willing my boys are to do footwork drills, but "yea!"
    The quality seems good.

    Judson S.

    The product is exactly what I was looking for. It works great for my middle school soccer team. I like the versatility of stepping through them and raising them up for hopping over. I’ve used them about 8 practices. I wish they were more durable.

    Adriel D.

    I really like this product especially since you can connect them different ways and disconnect them for different exercises. I use this on all my clients and has definitely shown results using the agility rings! I would definitely recommend purchasing this product!

    Cordie H.

    Arrived super fast, and both of my sons have been outside working on different footwork drills!

    Lavon R.

    Great product. I use it at my home gym and take it to soccer conditioning workouts where I coach my daughter’s team. Love the versatility. So much better than ladders that get tangled!

    Donnie S.

    Great fitness rings. They are sturdy . Worth buying

    Rosina L.

    Use for training with soccer team. High quality and easy to position and snap together.

    Frances C.

    My athletes can be a bit clumsy and step on the rings during speed drills, and they have been able to withstand the abuse so far. They link easily as well. Great buy.

    Destiny G.

    The rings are seem to be solid but flexible enough for quick changes during a workout. Right now these are helping my kids with some mobility work. On turf and generic rubber flooring these can slip when stepped on. I placed a few rubber strips underneath them to eliminate slipping/movement