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KneeBooster™ Spring Support Knee Brace


Instantly Reduce Pressure and Strain from Your Knees for Pain-free Movement

Knee pain and discomfort can significantly harm quality of life, limit the things you do and enjoy, and cause undesirable suffering.

The new KneeBooster Support Knee Brace System creates a spring-action that reduces pressure on your knees and support the muscles surrounding the knees, thus creating an easy and pain-free movement of the joint, and allowing you to enjoy daily activities without any pain or discomfort. Do all forms of physical activity, recover from injury or surgery, ease arthritis and joint pain, easily lift heavy items, prevent knee injury, and more!

The KneeBooster is perfect for anybody suffering from any level of knee pains, people working in physical work, or people who had knee-related injury.

How Does the KneeBooster Support Knee Brace System Work?

The KneeBooster™ is designed to be easily put on and adjusted for a perfect and comfortable fit. Each brace is fitted with a lightweight, durable and flexible aluminum alloy spring, adding an accumulated 40kg (90 lbs) of pressure-relieving lifting power to the knees. 

  • Helps to improve kneecap tracking
  • Provides support for the knee joint when bending
  • Provides support when getting up 
  • Helps to reduce stresses on the ligaments
  • Open knee enables airflow for additional comfort
  • Reduces your chances of suffering a knee strain injury

VERSATILE - Great for a wide variety of activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, golf, fitness, and more.

WORKING BUDDY - These powerful knee pads support thighs and calves, so they can be used in any workplace.

HIGH-QUALITY- Made of strong and durable materials and built to last.

COMFORTABLE - Made of soft and pleasant breathable fabric which can be worn underneath or outside of your clothes. Adjustable for a perfect fit.


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    Fast delivery. Fits nice. Easy to assemble. This should make some tasks much easier on the knees.


    Looks as per description. Quality Feels good in hand. Let's see how it works.


    Excellent quality